• Distracted Driving for Law Enforcement is a FREE, 4-hour TCOLE course to help law enforcement understand the risks associated with distracted driving. Law Enforcement officers are subject to numerous and constant distractions that can lead rapidly to serious injury and death while operating an emergency vehicle.
  • Child Occupant Restraint Enforcement (CORE) course is a FREE, 4-hour TCOLE course to create an awareness of the importance of CPS (Child Passenger Safety) education and enforcement in preventing child passenger deaths and injuries. 
  • Strategic Operations (STOPS) course is a FREE, 4-hour TCOLE course was created to introduce officers to the new philosophy of S.T.E.P. using the DDACTS model. Officers will learn why proper vehicle stop protocol is important and how to be professional and effective.
  • Organizational Power is a FREE, two-hour TCOLE credit course will help attendees understand what good data is, where to find that data, how to consistently capture the data, and make sure that it is accessible and retrievable. This course benefits all employees of the law enforcement organization, from civilian staff, officers, supervisors to the Chief or Sheriff.
  • Social Harm is a FREE, two hour TCOLE credit course created to explore other tragedies and epidemics. The course cover the reasons traffic fatalities go unmentioned and unrecognized as major issues in our culture, and ways in which patrol officers in Texas can make a huge difference in this area.
  • Speed is a FREE, two hour TCOLE credit course created to rethink our approach, change the way we perceive SPEED as it relates to roadway safety, and strip down the three “E’s” of traffic safety while we reimagine our approach and start over.

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