Distracted Driving for Adults is a FREE, 2-hour course was created to explore the dangerous epidemic on America’s roadways.  The message is simple: if you’re on the road, stay off the phone!  Please join us and thousands of other Texas drivers who have already taken the course as we make an effort to save lives. In order to truly combat the problem, we must change attitudes.

Crash is a FREE, 1-hour course was created to explore a methodology from two highly effective defensive driving courses. Attendees will learn how to expand their vision, how to provide space for reaction time, and how to always have an escape route.

Introduction to Child Passenger Safety is a FREE, 2-hour course was created to build an awareness of the importance of CPS (Child Passenger Safety). *This is NOT a certification course and should not be confused with the National CPS Certification Program. The information in this course is limited to the basics to recognize misuse and find appropriate resources to correct the misuses.*

For scheduling information contact:

Emma Padron