Meet with new perspective traffic safety subgrantees to generate interest in Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) grant opportunities.

Assist TxDOT Traffic Safety Specialists and Law Enforcement agencies with the State STEP grant process and applications related to that process.

Assist subgrantee agencies with underperformance issues, eGrants Performance reporting and Request for reimbursements.

Provide assistance to Traffic Safety Specialist at traffic related events, campaigns, conferences or community events to promote TxDOT programs.

Provide training and support to communities in Texas regarding safer driving. 

Provide training and support communities in Texas regarding child passenger safety.  

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The Law Enforcement Liaison (LEL) program elevates traffic safety throughout the State of Texas, working in an all-inclusive supportive role with the Texas Department of Transportation, providing education on multiple traffic safety topics.

Free Training

All traffic safety courses taught by our Law Enforcement Liaison team are 100% completely FREE.

No Travel

A Law Enforcement Liaison will travel to your area to assist and train your agency department officials.

Devoted Instructors 

Our Law Enforcement Liaison team has 114 years of combined law enforcement experience.

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Grant Executive Training

is a FREE, 2-hour TCOLE credited courses: created as a multi-course approach to the entire STEP (Strategic Traffic Enforcement Program) Grant process from how to build a grant to the actual activities associated with application of the grant.


Distracted Driving for Law Enforcement

is a FREE, 4-hour TCOLE credited course: created to help law enforcement understand the risks associated with distracted driving. Law Enforcement officers are subject to numerous and constant distractions that can lead rapidly to serious injury and death while operating an emergency vehicle.


Child Occupant Restraint Enforcement (C.O.R.E.)

is a FREE, 4-hour TCOLE credited course: created to create an awareness of the importance of CPS (Child Passenger Safety) education and enforcement in preventing child passenger deaths and injuries. *This is NOT a certification course and should not be confused with the Nation CPS Certification Program.*


Strategic Traffic Operations (STOPS)

is a FREE, 4-hour TCOLE credited course: created to introduce officers to the new philosophy of S.T.E.P. using the DDACTS model. Officers will learn why proper vehicle stop protocol is important and how to be professional and effective.


Distracted Driving for Adults

is a FREE, 2-hour course: created to explore the dangerous epidemic on America’s roadways. The message is simple: if you’re on the road, stay off the phone! Please join us and thousands of other Texas drivers who have already taken the course as we make an effort to save lives. In order to truly combat the problem, we must change attitudes.



is a FREE, 2-hour TCOLE credited course: created to explore a methodology from two highly effective defensive driving courses. Attendees will learn how to expand their vision, how to provide space for reaction time, and how to always have an escape route.


Organizational Power

is a FREE, 2-hour TCOLE credited course: created to understand what good data is, where to find that data, how to consistently capture the data, and make sure that it is accessible and retrievable. This course benefits all employees of the law enforcement organization, from civilian staff, officers, supervisors to the Chief or Sheriff.


Introduction to Child Passenger Safety

is a FREE, 2-hour course: created to show the importance of CPS (Child Passenger Safety). With 8 of every 10 child seats installed incorrectly, this is essential in preventing child passenger injuries and deaths. The Introduction to Child Passenger Safety Course was developed for all members of the general public. *This is NOT a certification course and should not be confused with the National CPS Certification Program.*



is a FREE, 2-hour TCOLE credited course: created to generate a fresh approach, a new way of thinking, and expand the perceptions of SPEED on roadway safety. Speed injures, speed kills, in general SPEED, in every context, is bad. This course benefits all employees of the law enforcement organization, from civilian staff, officers, supervisors to the Chief or Sheriff.


Social Harm

is a FREE 2-hour TCOLE credited course: created to explore other tragedies and epidemics, looking at how they fail in comparison to an estimated 40,000 roadway deaths every year. We will cover the reasons traffic fatalities go unmentioned and unrecognized as major issues in our culture, and ways in which patrol officers in Texas can make a huge difference in this area.

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Law Enforcement Liaison Team

Our Law Enforcement Liaison (LEL) team is a staff of instructors that brings to you over 100 years of combined law enforcement experience. Using our experience, we have intentionally developed curriculum to better equip all Texas drivers with critical training on the realities of distracted driving and the dangers that surround them each day.

Law Enforcement Liaison Program Manager

Lynda Walker

About me

Lynda attended Odessa College and the University of Texas at El Paso before beginning her law enforcement career at the Lamesa Police Department where she worked for almost eighteen years before starting with the LEL program in 2010. Lynda holds certifications as a Master Peace Officer, Instructor and Firearms Instructor. She is currently a reserve officer with the Bee County Constable Pct. 2 in addition to her work as the LEL Program Manager.

Law Enforcement Liaison

Daniel (Jase) Herring

About me

Jase graduated from the Central Texas Regional Police Academy and worked for the City of Lampasas as a Police Officer before coming to TMPA in 2010. He has been in law enforcement for 10 years and holds an Intermediate Peace Officer License, Intoxilyzer Operator License, Field Training Officer Certification and TCOLE Instructor Certification. Jase worked as a LEADRS Specialist with TMPA prior to starting with the LEL program in October 2012.

Law Enforcement Liaison

Katie Alexander

About me

Katie has been in law enforcement for 16 years and currently works part time with the City of Oak Ridge North Police Department. She has a TCOLE Master Peace Officer License and holds numerous certifications including; Field Training Officer, SWAT and Special Investigator. Katie has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University, a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Our Lady of the Lake University and she is currently pursuing her PhD in Psychology at Grand Canyon University. She worked as an Instructor for the SAFVIC program and the Advanced Child Abuse program prior to joining the Law Enforcement Liaison team.

Law Enforcement Liaison

Michael Munson

About me

Michael began his career in Webster Police Department over 24 years ago. Michael holds licenses as a  Master Peace Officer, Crime Prevention Inspector and Mental Health Officer. He has been with the LEL program since 2017.

Law Enforcement Liaison

Chuck Carlile

About me
Chuck began his law enforcement career over 41 years ago, at the Hewitt Police Department, where he was a city police officer for 3 ½ years. He then became a State Trooper with the Texas Department of Public Safety. Chuck is commissioned as a Special Ranger through the Texas DPS. He attended McLennan Community College, where he obtained an Advanced Certification in Law Enforcement Education. Chuck holds a Master Peace Officer and Instructor Certificate from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. He is currently certified as a Drug Recognition Expert Instructor and a Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor.

Law Enforcement Liaison

Devin Vyner

About me

Devin Vyner started his law enforcement career in 2009 working for the Georgetown Police Department, and then in 2011 for the Burnet Police Department, where he promoted first to the rank of Corporal and then to Sergeant before leaving full-time policing in 2020. Devin moved on to become an adjunct instructor for the Central Texas College Basic Peace Officer Course in Killeen before starting his LEL role with TMPA in January of 2021. Devin currently holds a reserve Sergeant commission with the Bertram Police Department where he works 1-2 patrol shifts per month. Devin is a TCOLE certified firearms instructor, less-lethal impact munitions instructor, ground control force tactics instructor, SFST instructor, Drug Recognition Expert, Public Information Officer, and he is a graduate of the Force Science Institute basic certification program.

Law Enforcement Liaison

Tamara Spencer

About me

Tamara got her start in law enforcement in 1997 as a League City Patrol Officer. After 10 years on the League City Police force, Spencer was promoted to Sergeant and quickly stepped in to serve as a Special Operations Sergeant. With has a long list of accomplishments and certifications including being certified and trained as a Standardized Field Sobriety test practitioner and instructor, State of Texas expert witness for DWI cases, mental health officer, bicycle and marine patrol officer, TCOLE certified instructor, Collision Avoidance Training instructor, Intoxilyzer Operator, Commander of the League City Honor Guard, advanced Accident Investigator, and a Crash Reconstruction Expert. Tamara is also certified to teach Critical Incident Peer Support, and Suicide Prevention for Law Enforcement. Tamara joined the Texas Municipal Police Association in 2016 as a Field representative for the Houston and East Texas Region. She moved to the FRIDAY/ADAPT Programs in 2017 and is now a liaison for the program.

Contact Information

Corpus Christi, Houston, Lufkin, Yoakum  


Here’s what our reviews say:

Instructor was very knowledgeable and passionate about car seat safety. Awesome class!

Trainings like these remind us all of how distracted one can get behind the wheel. Thanks for doing what you do. Stay safe!”

Definitely opened my eyes to looking beyond being a “traffic unit” I appreciate the drive into the philosophy and bigger picture. Great presentation.”

More of this training would be beneficial to daily patrol duties. Driving is one of the most dangerous parts of police work and there is not enough training on it.”


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