Distracted Driving for Law Enforcement is a FREE, 4-hour TCOLE course to help law enforcement understand the risks associated with distracted driving. Law Enforcement officers are subject to numerous and constant distractions that can lead rapidly to serious injury and death while operating an emergency vehicle.

The Texas Municipal Police Association has teamed up with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to provide this free training. The class discusses the potentially tragic consequences that can affect emergency vehicle operators. In addition, it will heighten officers awareness to reshape attitudes concerning distractions in and around emergency vehicles.


For scheduling information contact:

Emma Mendoza




April Location of Class District
April 10 – TBD Fredericksburg Police Department Austin
April 11 – TBD Fredericksburg Police Department Austin
April 11 – TBD Civil Process Seminar Dallas
April 17 – TBD Middle Rio Grande Regional LE Academy San Antonio
April 18 – TBD Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office San Antonio
April 18 – 0800 & 1300 Brenham Police Department Bryan
April 25 – TBD Texas Parks and Wildlife San Antonio
May Location of Class District
May 9 – TBD Civil Process Seminar Houston
May 9 – TBD Missouri City Police Department Houston
May 10 – TBD Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office Lubbock
May 15 – 0800 Columbus Police Department Yoakum
May 16 – 1700 Columbus Police Department Yoakum
May 16 – 0800 Burleson Police Department Forth Worth
May 17 – 1300 Burleson Police Department Fort Worth
May 22 – 0745 San Antonio Police Park Training Academy San Antonio