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The Law Enforcement Liaison program elevates traffic safety throughoutthroughout the state of Texas.

working in an all-inclusive supportive role with the Texas Department of Transportation, providing education on the topics such as Distracted Driving – Law Enforcement, Child Passenger Restraint Enforcement (CORE), Strategic Traffic Operations (STOPS), Distracted Driving – Civilians, Introduction to Child Passenger Safety and Social Harm.


We offer various classes on various topics. Our purpose is to provide free TCOLE training courses to law enforcement officers. As well as, providing free training for civilians.


The LEL program has expanded to providing full TxDOT support for all Strategic Traffic Enforcement Programs (STEP’s), Click It or Ticket and Impaired Driving incentive mobilizations.


In addition, our LEL staff provides comprehensive technical support and assistance with reporting to the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) eGrants systems.

Menu of Services

Meet with new perspective traffic safety subgrantees to generate interest in Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) grant opportunities.

Provide training to law enforcement on traffic safety grant proposals and grant creation, grant management and use of eGrants.

Assist subgrantee agencies with eGrants Performance reporting and Request for reimbursements, and underperformance issues.

Provide assistance to Traffic Safety Specialist with promoting programs, traffic related events, campaigns, conferences or community events to promote TxDOT programs.

Provide traffic safety presentations to governmental agencies upon request and by approval of TxDOT PTS Program Manager.

Provide child passenger safety seat education to partner organizations and assists at CPS checkup events per LEL availability.

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