Grant Executive Training

A multi-course approach to the entire STEP (Strategic Traffic Enforcement Program) Grant process from how to build a grant to the actual activities associated with application of the grant. The two courses will afford the agency with a four hour training day, covering every persona and process associated with Texas STEP Grants. The two associated courses are:

The secret to success…

How to Build a Grant (2 TCOLE Hours)

Are you interested in obtaining funds to support officer overtime for traffic enforcement? Funds are available and easily obtainable to make a positive effect on Texas driving behaviors and improve roadway safety, and your agency can learn how to build and submit a STEP Grant. This course will walk you through the process of building the grant from beginning to end.

Grant Management (2 TCOLE Hours)

Have you been awarded a STEP Grant and unsure what to do next? Are you just interested in what the process is all about? This course will familiarize agency staff with all of the aspects associated with the management of a STEP grant to include tracking grant activities, meeting grant requirements, monthly reporting, and completing and submitting forms for agency reimbursement.

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