This comprehensive defensive driving course was designed for corporate America. In today’s business world, who has the time to shut down the operation of their company, or pay overtime on a Saturday to send employees through a six-hour defensive driving course? Crash course has taken and blended methodology from two highly effective defensive driving courses and put them in a one-hour format.

attendees will learn…

How to expand their vision, how to provide space for reaction time, and how to always have an escape route. Students will be given demonstrations of the methodology through video and class participation.

Many companies have seen reduction in crashes, reduction in vehicle maintenance, and safer driving practices through the practice of these methodologies. A Crash Course in Defensive Driving was developed by experienced law officers with years of experience in emergency vehicle operation and crash reconstruction.

Due to the one-hour length of the course, Crash Course was designed for the driver that is genuinely concerned with safety and not just wanting an insurance discount or ticket dismissal.

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