Distracted Driving for Law Enforcement is a FREE, 4-hour TCOLE course to help law enforcement understand the risks associated with distracted driving. Law Enforcement officers are subject to numerous and constant distractions that can lead rapidly to serious injury and death while operating an emergency vehicle.

The Texas Municipal Police Association has teamed up with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to provide this free training. The class discusses the potentially tragic consequences that can affect emergency vehicle operators. In addition, it will heighten officers awareness to reshape attitudes concerning distractions in and around emergency vehicles.

After the course, Law Enforcement Officers will realize the effect distracted driving can have while operating emergency vehicles. The potentially tragic consequences of distracted driving will heighten their awareness empowering them to reshape their attitudes, beliefs and adapt a self-disciplined standard of focused attention to safe driving, as well as influencing their peers, friends and families.

Officers who have attended this course said, “I work Police Officer crashes for the traffic division. I see these mistakes on a routine basis. I’m glad this course was taught.” Other comments include, “It was a wake-up call to take every aspect of law enforcement ‘driving’ seriously.” and “Definitely makes you re-think how you drive when responding to a call or how to conduct a safer traffic stop.”

The Distracted Driving for Law Enforcement course is grant funded and offered completely free of charge, provides 4 hours continuing education credit through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), and we bring the training to you. We pay for the instructor’s time, travel expenses and materials, and report the training hours to TCOLE.



Please join TxDOT and TMPA as we diligently spread this life saving message and end the epidemic of distracted driving.

For scheduling information contact:

Emma Mendoza



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